Barbie Weddings - How to make your own Wedding Invitations

Published: 07th August 2009
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When I used to be a kid, my Barbie and Ken got married two and 3 times a day. The ceremony was planned, usually before snack time, and all of the guests were invited ( GI Joe and the Fisher Price folks ). In those days, hand-crafted marriage invitations meant freely applying Elmer's glue to paper and sprinkling glitter over it, then coming up with cool flowers with my box of 64 Crayolas. Paper was usually construction paper left over from my mummy's study room, where she taught kindergarten, or corrugated paper my dad brought home from the office ( this was the 70s, no regular copy paper ). It was these pictures, which were conjured up in my head, when my chum brought up using handmade marriage invitations for my marriage.

Today you can have a marriage invite handcrafted by a designer, buy formerly crafted invitations by specialised artists, or make your own home made invitation.

To order a crafted invite, a couple can visit a local designer or the designers' internet sites. There, you'll choose the kind of paper, font, fold and design for your invitations. Some designers actually have invitations available, instant. Otherwise you'll often pick from a number of designs in the artist's portfolio. Designers can often create specialized designs for your invitations, at additional cost.

If you're planning to make your own handmade marriage invitation, visit your local craft store for the supplies, or you can buy the supplies on the internet. I suggest deciding your fold ( cards come in various methods to fold for placing in the envelope ), before shopping. A good spot to find elaborations, pressed flowers, stickers or ribbon, is in the scrapbooking aisle.

When making your design, you will want to focus on the theme of your marriage. Should your marriage be beach style, you'll want to pick up beach marriage invitations designs. For instance ; an image of the sea, seashells or even the sun.

For a more fun type of beach marriage invitation try some brightly colored stickers.

Different types of fonts can jazz up an invitation or make it more chic. For a flirty, sassy invitation try using Arial fonts, if you would like more complicated, choose a cursive font.

Handmade marriage invitations are a unique and trendy way to inform your visitors of your approaching marriage.

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